€2 million investment in The Brog Complex proves a huge success

€2 million investment in The Brog Complex proves a huge success

04 June 2014

In March 2013, Voodoo Rooms nightclub opened its doors on Oliver Plunkett Street, with a unique and innovative launch that captured the people of Cork’s interest straight away. Now, just over a year on, it continues to be the most popular nightclub in Cork, offering new experiences to Cork clubbers on an ongoing basis. Building on their success the club’s owners have invested a further €2 million into the expansion of the complex that houses the nightclub which has created over 100 new jobs in the past 12 months.


The €2 million investment into the Oliver Plunkett Street complex has allowed for the complete renovation of famous Cork bar ‘An Brog’, and the addition of a new bar ‘Barbarossa’. The complex now houses three very different venues as a result and is continuing to bring new jobs to Cork City. At the helm of the operation is Phil Ryan who is the General Manager of the 3 venues. Phil was the manager in sober lane for 6 years before deciding to make the move across the river.


Phil Ryan, General Manager of the complex explains the direction and future plans for what they have called The Brog Complex: “The huge success of Voodoo Rooms gave us the confidence to expand and invest in the complex as a whole. The complex now houses three very different Venues, so we have something to suit everyone. The business has steadily increased since the completion of renovations and we expect to see further growth in sales in the coming year. As a result we are still recruiting and predict an increase in employment opportunities going forward.”


The well known venue has been transformed over the last few years and previous clubs are now a distant memory as the complex paves its own way as Voodoo Rooms makes a name for itself, not only locally, but nationally too.


Mr Ryan said “We are very happy with how things are going. Voodoo Rooms was a finalist for ‘nightclub of the year’ at the 2013 Bar awards, unfortunately we didn’t win but I am confident that we have a good chance of doing so this year. Barbarossa has really hit a chord with people also, its relaxed feel has made it a hit with many in the service industry who want to enjoy a late drink without music blaring. Finally the brog has undergone a complete renovation in the last 6 months. To be honest we received a lot of flak when people found out we were messing with the brog but I am confident that the finished product speaks for itself. We managed to retain many of our existing customers while also appealing to a lot

 of new ones.”