International organisation ICERTIAS seeking Ireland’s Best in Customer Care..

Do you know of great Irish businesses who deserve international recognition for their excellence in customer service?


The international organisation ICERTIAS, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, wishes to promote the culture of top class customer service in Ireland – by finding and awarding the best in the business!


Nominations for this award are open to all categories of business, across all sectors – which means your local business can be put forward for international recognition.


Excellent customer care is more important than ever before in this digital day and age – with news being spread instantly across social media platforms.


In the past, it was said that a customer will tell 10 people if they encounter a negative experience – and will tell just one person about a positive experience. Nowadays, if this negative experience is shared online – the number of people that view it increases exponentially.


A recent Retail and Consumer report states that less than 50% of Irish customers are satisfied with their in store experience – with a big shift towards online shopping with 25% of Irish consumers admitting that they shop online weekly. From this, it is clear that Irish businesses need to do all they can to ensure a consistent level of face to face client and customer relations to attract and retain customers in store.


Having the accredited recognition of an international award for customer care, that the international ICERITAS “Customers’ Friend” medal brings, adds layer of trust and value to the brand – that can potentially lead to a positive boost to a business – as well as ensuring continued footfall in stores.


Speaking about the “Customers’ Friend” award, Robert N. Slavecki co. founder and CEO of ICERITAS mentions “ICERITAS wishes to promote companies in Ireland that cultivate an excellent relationship with their customers and clients – whose employees are always kind and professional to customers; who offer outstanding customer service and who provide excellent support where customer complaints are concerned.”


He continued “The ICERTIAS “Customers’ Friend” award aims to reward such companies on an international level, to further encourage and raise awareness around the importance of exceptional customer care – so that a high level standard is encouraged across all sectors of business.”


ICERTIAS have previously worked with companies such as Allianz, Danone, Heineken, Lidl, Nestlé, P&G, Samsung, Spar, Toyota, Unilever and Vodafone.


To nominate companies in Ireland, that you consider to be exemplary, and where you have personally experienced outstanding professionalism and friendliness in the past year please visit:

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