Irish Company Launches Recession Busting Water Heating System

As most businesses are adapting to the economic climate, FIREBIRD, Ireland’s leading manufacturer of heating products for almost 30 years are playing their part with the launch of their new cost effective Solar Water Heating System,  the TZ Solar Heat Pipes.  The addition of the TZ Solar Heat Pipes means that FIREBIRD now has one of the most comprehensive solar ranges on the Irish Market, which also contains a range of flat plate and vacuum tube collectors.

The TZ Solar Heat Pipes are a new range of cost-effective solar collectors, designed to FIREBIRD’s exacting standards, offering excellent performance and build quality, priced to suit tighter construction budgets.  With the TZ Solar Heat Pipes, everyone is a winner.  Merchants and Installers have a quality product that is built to last, backed by the trusted reputation of Ireland’s leading heating brand.  FIREBIRD customers know that they are getting the best value and most efficient system that can deliver up to 60% of their hot water requirements, which is a prerequisite for all new housing builds. Also, the TZ Solar Heat Pipes are approved under the SEI’s Greener Home Scheme which currently provides a grant of €300 per m2 of aperture. 

Brian O’Sullivan, FIREBIRD’s General Manager who is based in their manufacturing plant, which employs over 200 people in the Muscarai Gaeltacht in Cork, stated “FIREBIRD have been heating the homes of Ireland for the past 30 years, with one in three homes in Ireland heated by a FIREBIRD boiler.  The introduction of this new range compliments our extensive existing range as we look to a greener future with renewable products such as solar energy and biomass boilers.”

On the technical side of things, the FIREBIRD’s TZ Heat Pipes are ideal for the Irish climate, with a design that enables solar energy to be captured even at low temperatures.  As well as this the special vacuum tube prevents the loss of energy back to the atmosphere.

To get even more technical, the heat pipes consist of a copper heat pipe sealed within a perfectly-formed vacuum tube.  The heat pipe contains a special alcohol-type fluid that evaporates at temperatures as low as 25°C.  As the fluid evaporates it rises to the top of the heat pipe, known as the condenser section.  Here it condenses back to fluid state and releases latent heat which is transferred to the heat exchange fluid passing through the upper manifold of the solar collector.

Backing up this new high tech energy saving product is the FIREBIRD Training Centre that is based in the company’s HQ in Cork.  Here FIREBIRD approved Installers and Merchants from Ireland and the UK come to be trained on a one to one basis, in a real time state of the art facility.

The FIREBIRD TZ 58 Heat Pipes are available from all leading heat and plumbing merchants nationwide.  For more information contact FIREBIRD on (026) 45253 or visit

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