MMA Coach John Kavanagh launches NF Fighter Campaign

World famous MMA Coach John Kavanagh launched the NF Fighter campaign with Rubén Curran (7), Rafa Curran (4), Lee Dowling (9) and Ella Dowling (4) ahead of World NF Day on Wednesday, 17th May.


The NF Fighter campaign is a nationwide campaign that celebrates those who live with Neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic condition that causes tumors to grow in various types of nerves anywhere in or on the body, and which can affect the development of tissues such as bones and skin. In about half of cases, the condition is passed from a parent, however the other half of cases are a chance event called a spontaneous gene mutation, where the gene responsible for causing NF has a misprint in the genetic code. As there is no known cure or prevention at present, NF is a lifelong condition.


The NF Fighter campaign was launched by The NF Association of Ireland to raise awareness of the condition, and people are asked to nominate their ‘NF Fighters’, those who fight against and live with the condition every day. There are a number of categories including ‘NF Fighter of the Year’, ‘Medical Professional of the Year’, ‘Family Member of the Year’, and ’ Fundraiser of the Year’ . To nominate your NF Fighter log on to


Speaking at the launch John Kavanagh said “I am delighted to help launch this fantastic campaign. I’ve met some of the kids here today who live with NF every day and they really go through a lot, so if I can help them out by helping to raise awareness and help get them support, then I am happy to do it. I have met some of the world’s toughest fighters, yet today I’ve met some little fighters who have faced far tougher challenges than any of the champions of the ring. The NF Fighter campaign is a really nice initiative that gives people the opportunity to acknowledge and nominate those who do their best to fight against the condition and I’m delighted to support it.”


Gareth Curran, Head of The NF Association of Ireland, was thrilled to have John Kavanagh on board and spoke about how important it is to have a campaign such as this to celebrate those who are living with NF every day, “This campaign is a really positive campaign celebrating and supporting those who live with NF on a daily basis. We are so thrilled that John Kavanagh was able to launch the campaign as he is one of the most well-known trainers in the world and is a perfect fit to be the face of this campaign. He is a fantastic guy and we are delighted to have him on board. My hope is that this campaign will help raise awareness for the NF association of Ireland and help raise vital funds”.


World NF Day is celebrated annually and this year it will be celebrated on Wednesday, 17th May. It is recognised worldwide with buildings being lit up blue to raise awareness and support those suffering with the condition. Buildings that will be lit up in blue in Ireland include Dublin City Council, the Convention Centre Dublin, the Mansion House, Kilkenny Castle, and Derry City Council Buildings to name a few.


For further information about the NF Fighters campaign, NF, and the NF Association of Ireland please visit

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