Model Daniella Moyles leads the charge as 200 Women walk or run for CRY Ireland!

Model Daniella Moyles leads the charge as 200 Women walk or run for CRY Ireland!

Model Daniella Moyles leads the charge as 200 Women run, walk and crawl over the finish line run for CRY Ireland!

Top model and broadcaster Daniella Moyle was joined by more than 200 supporters of CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) today at the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon.

Daniella, has been a strong supporter and an ambassador for Cry for the last number of years and has been training for the marathon for the last four months.

CRY is an Irish registered charity, which was founded in 2002.  Funds raised today will be used by the charity to support families who have lost a relative to sudden cardiac death (SCD) and to raise awareness of the conditions that cause it.

As the charity’s biggest fundraiser, monies raised will also be used to fund the activities of the Centre for Cardiac Risk in Younger Persons (CRYP) in Tallaght Hospital which provides comprehensive cardiac evaluation of those who may be at risk from SCD either because of family history or worrying symptoms.

Speaking before the race Daniella said: “I’m really proud to be an ambassador for CRY.  It is a fantastic charity which funds an amazing service out in Tallaght Hospital.  Any funds raised today go directly towards providing free screening for anyone with worrying symptoms and towards counselling for those who have been affected by SCD. 

I’ve been training for a few months now and hope to finish the marathon in a respectable time!”

Many of the women who took part today on behalf of CRY have been affected by the Sudden Cardiac Death in some way. 

Marian Finn, from Ringsend ran with all of her female relatives in memory of her son Andrew who died unexpectedly aged 28 from SCD. 

Marian said, “Ever since Andrew died I have done my best to fundraise for CRY and to raise awareness about SCD.  I have even stood up in my local church to let people know the dangers of ignoring key symptoms.  CRY save lives by diagnosing underlying conditions and treating the patients ensuring that they live a safe and healthy life.”

The service provided at the CRYP Centre in Tallaght Hospital are available to anyone in the country (via GP referral) and is free to patient. The Centre receives no direct Government funding.

Some facts about Sudden Cardiac Death:

  • An estimated  60-80 people aged 1-35 years die of SCD every year in Ireland
  • SCD may occur because of underlying heart muscle abnormality, electrical disorders, or other structural problems
  • In approximately half the cases the cause may be inherited – close relatives may have a 1 in 2 chance of inheriting the same condition and may also be at risk
  • Conditions that cause SCD cannot be cured, but if diagnosed risk of death can be significantly reduced
  • Best treatment of those potentially at risk includes expert assessment, access to genetic testing and psychological support and counselling – the CRYP Centre is the only clinic in the country that provides a complete service, and it is free to patient regardless of where they live.
  • Almost 1500 patients can be seen each year in the CRYP Centre.
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