Fleetwood Discovers How Colour Affects Our Mood

With Blue Monday fast approaching on January 15th, Fleetwood has revealed key insights into the connection between colour choices and emotional well-being among the Irish population, with over half of the Irish population (57%) claiming that colour affects their mood, which rises to 63% amongst females.

The survey, conducted via Opinions.ie, showcases that 79% of people (8 in 10) claim that the colour scheme of a room can impact how they feel, with the colours black (51%), brown (37%), grey (23%) and red (23%) found to have a negative impact on the mood.

A significant portion of the population, 7 in 10 people (72%), believe that the colour of their home office or workspace affects their productivity or focus, showing that the broader implications of colour choices go beyond just personal preferences and extend into professional environments and work-related well-being.

Derek Byrne, Marketing Manager at Fleetwood, commented on the survey results, saying: “At Fleetwood, we are passionate about colour and recognise how much it can have an impact on our feelings and emotions. This blue Monday, we are encouraging everyone to think about how their current environment makes them feel and to consider painting their surroundings to start the new year afresh. Colour isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about creating environments that evoke positive emotions that enhance our well-being.”

Fleetwood, a leading Irish provider of high-quality paint and paint accessories, is committed to helping people harness the positive effects of colour in their homes and workplaces.

John Hetherton, Head of Lab and Technical at Fleetwood, added: “We see colour trends change year on year, sometimes over the course of a few months, and we continuously review our colour palette and product ranges. It is interesting to see that many people think grey has a negative impact on their mood, when it was considered one of Ireland’s most popular colours in recent years. This highlights the importance of refreshing the colours in your environment and no better time to do it than the beginning of a new year.”

Fleetwood offers comprehensive in-store and online colour consultations so that homeowners can create a personalised palette for their home, ensuring it reflects individual style and resonates with unique preferences.

For more information visit www.fleetwood.ie.

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