Remote Learning: ECO-UNESCO is encouraging young people to continue environmental education at home

Remote Learning: ECO-UNESCO is encouraging young people to continue environmental education at home

ECO-UNESCO, Ireland’s leading Environmental Education and Youth Organisation has launched its eco initiatives at home to encourage young people to continue their environmental education while self-isolating. 


ECO-UNESCO works to protect the natural environment and empower young people by developing their knowledge, skills and confidence to take positive and creative actions that will help create a sustainable planet. ECO-UNESCO holds workshops, sustainable development programmes and hosts the annual Young Environmentalist Awards (YEA) which are a great opportunity for young people to be recognised for the positive impacts they are making. During this time, ECO-UNESCO is encouraging young people to continue to work on their projects and to use their free time to make a positive impact.  The Young Environmentalist projects are being judged at the moment and the YEA winning projects will be announced in May this year. 


ECO-UNESCO is launching its ECOAtHome initiative providing a range of environmental education,  support programmes and services for young people including activity packs, regular virtual sessions and webinars so young people can get involved, stay connected and ask any questions they may have.


ECO-UNESCO is asking young people to document their eco projects and activities using the hashtag #EcoAtHome on social media. ECO-UNESCO is also holding a 30 day #KeepItEcoChallenge to get young people involved in other eco initiatives while at home. Those interested should record a video or send a picture of the challenge to ECO-UNESCO and we will publish it on the ECO-UNESCO website, Instagram, and Facebook account.


Elaine Nevin, Director of ECO-UNESCO said “We want to help young people to channel their passions and energy into positive environmental actions and initiatives, helping relieve some of the anxieties they are feeling at the moment and using this time to take positive action. While self-isolating, steps can still be taken towards positive environmental change and every action counts. We want young people to keep eco enthusiasm alive and to get involved in our online initiatives.” 


Those interested in learning more about being a young environmentalist and what they can do while at home can visit  or get involved through ECO-UNESCO’S social media. 

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