Three is the Magic Number

The trio of sisters and founders of the Lusso Tan collection of luxury, organic, paraben-free, vegan and cruelty-free tanning products, are celebrating three years in business this June and hope to empower others by sharing their three steps to success.


Lusso Tan was developed by Irish siblings, Lynsey Bennett, Leah and Sarah White, along with their brother who is a chemist and has quickly become a sensation in the beauty world. 


The trio of sisters, who have worked in the beauty and tanning industry for over 17 years,  developed the Lusso Tan range of tanning products three years ago, following the realisation that there were no tanning formulas on the market that delivered on all of their expectations as busy mums and career women. Lusso Tan was created with this in mind, along with a Three Step Ritual for tanning, that involves a skin-nourishing, luxury tanning experience and with a formula that is quick drying that allows women to be ready to seize the day!


Lynsey Bennett, co-founder of Lusso Tan states, “Myself, Leah and Sarah are all different ages, shapes and sizes with many different interests, but three years ago when we began our journey, we all shared a common belief that helped empower us to build our brand – that women want to feel good, to look good & to enjoy life! We believe that Lusso Tan delivers on all of this and more. Empowering women is so important to us and something that we live by everyday.”


Lynsey continued, “Three has always been a lucky number for us – so on our three year anniversary, we hope to share our special Three Step Ritual for tanning as our way of helping empower others to ‘Feel la dolce vita and free your inner glow!’ We never knew three years ago just how far this journey would take us and we are delighted to celebrate and share a part of our experience with our customers.”


The importance of skin health and self-care is at the heart of everything the Lusso Tan siblings do. In late 2019 Lusso Tan developed an innovative, world-first “Self-Tan Removing Bath Bomb”, that removes self-tan in minutes, while enjoying a relaxing and skin-nourishing bath. 


All of Lusso Tan products are infused with skin-loving properties to nourish the skin at every step, including witch hazel, aloe vera, glycerine, green tea extract and Vitamin A. These carefully chosen ingredients combine to create a flawless, scent-free and natural looking golden tan that is hydrating, soothing and protects the natural beauty of the skin. 


The Lusso Tan three step ritual for a flawless golden glow includes: 


Step 1: Prep 

 Create the perfect canvas with the Lusso Tan, Tan Eraser or signature Lusso Tan Bath Bomb to remove any unwanted self-tan in minutes. 

Spray a light layer of Lusso Tan Primer to enrich the bronzing effect of any self tan product and enjoy plumpled, more radiant looking skin. 


Step 2: Tan 

Apply the warmth of a Mediterranean Summer to your skin, using the Lusso Tan Flawless tanning mitt with a tan of your choice from our range of luxuriously hydrating formulas: 

Lusso Tan Tinted Self Tan Lotion 

Lusso Tan Rapid Tan Mousse

Lusso Tan Tinted Gradual Bronze Tan 


Step 3: Boost

Intensify and highlight your golden tan with the Lusso Tan range of finishing touch products such as : 


Lusso Tan Finishing Touch Instant Wash Off Tan 

Lusso Tan Loose Shimmer Dust 

Lusso Tan Instant Golden Glow Skin Finish


To celebrate the three year anniversary and share the power of three, the Three Step Ritual Bundle of Lusso Tan products is available at a special Anniversary price for three weeks from the 3rd of June. 


For more information on the Lusso Tan collection of products and shop for nationwide delivery visit the Lusso Tan website on 

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