Welcome to Fuzion! Dylan Morley

Welcome to Fuzion! Dylan Morley

The Fuzion team would like to welcome our new recruit Dylan Morley. 

Dylan will join the team as a Junior Account Executive, with his primary role to provide assistance to the Public Relations and Communications account management team.

A native of Cork, Dylan joins Fuzion Communications having recently studied at Munster Technological University for an MA in Public Relations with New Media. This course has provided him with research, planning, managerial and multimedia skills, so that he can display leadership and show capacity for innovation within the dynamic and fast evolving professional communications industry. 

Dylan is also a graduate of University College Cork, where he spent four years studying Government and Political Science. This degree has provided him with expertise in the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and importantly the business world.

Dylan is passionate about his work and believes the practice of full-time professional communications allows organisations to engage in a more open and effective manner with their stakeholders.

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