Who Wins, You’ve Decided! Father’s Day VS Mother’s Day Survey Results from Giftguru.ie

Who Wins, You've Decided! Father's Day VS Mother's Day Survey Results from Giftguru.ie

A survey carried out in advance of Father’s Day by online gift company, Giftguru.ie has shown some interesting findings when it comes to present buying habits, especially when it comes to our choices for Dads versus Mums!

Oonagh Leahy, managing partner of Giftguru.ie, who put the “Father’s Day VS Mother’s Day” survey together said “We consider ourselves the experts when it comes to gift buying, but we were curious to see what people’s buying habits are and who comes out on top – Mums or Dads on their special day!”

Interesting statistic was that over 90% of respondents to the Giftguru.ie survey said they’ve bought gifts online in the past, and almost as many saying they would choose and online option when buying for presents for Dads and Mums.  Good news for Giftguru.ie and reflects how time poor we all are as we look to the convenience of shopping from our desk tops!

Responses were gathered from all over Ireland and further afield including Australia and the US in an online survey. 88% of the respondents were female, with the majority of respondents falling into the 26 to 44 age bracket. When it comes to actual spend on gifts for both occasions, the majority of respondents spend between €25 and €50 on their parents for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Mums seem to fare a little better than Dads when it comes to receiving gifts on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. 50% of respondents say they like to give a thoughtful gift that they think their Mum would like, while only 40% do the same for Dad. A bigger fuss is made for Mums, with 33% of respondents saying it’s a big deal, with family meal and presents; while only 20% say Dad gets the same treatment! It’s interesting that no respondents say they don’t celebrate at all for either parent – gratitude isn’t dead after all!

When asked what they gave (or received) last Father’s Day, the majority said “nothing” (15%), with clothes a close second on 13%. This is amusing because when asked what they really want to give (or receive) nobody said clothes! The gifts that top the wish list for Father’s Day presents are personalised gifts that relate to the family (21%) and weekends away (21%).

Kids seem to know what tops Mums wish list more than Dads. 18% of respondents said they gave (or received) pampering gifts last year, and 23% say this is exactly what they would like to give or receive! Like for Dads, weekends away are a popular choice with 36% saying they would like to give (or receive) this, on the downside however, on 3% said this was a reality last year! Gift vouchers are still a popular choice, with almost half the respondents saying they would like to give or receive one for Mother’s or Father’s Day.

The main message discovered from this survey is that children still like to show their appreciation for their parents on their “special” days. It may not always be what they want, but it’s the thought that counts isn’t it!!

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