Wm.O’ Brien Public Storage Perfect Place for “boys” who want to store toys.

Wm.O' Brien Public Storage Perfect Place for

Wm. O’Brien Public Storage -Perfect Place for “boys” who want to store their “big toys”

Among the many different types of objects stored at Wm.O’Brien Public Storage in Bishopstown is a large model railway train set which owner Denis Keenan created over a twelve year period. Denis first became interested in trains thirty five years ago when he and his wife lived and worked in America. When their son was born Denis bought a train set for him and this awaked a lifelong interest in train sets and in building this model village.

When Denis moved back to Ireland he brought the train set with him and began to build the model railway village. The intricate detail of the village must be seen to be believed. Each section tells a story depicting a day in the life of a village. From construction workers building a road,to a market stall selling their wares to a lady hanging washing on the line the attention to detail is remarkable. Each individual object is hand painted, each brick used individually moulded. Each traffic light and street lamp lights up and Denis built a separate operating system to activate the trains.

Refurbishment work on Denis’s house meant that he needed a safe and secure place to store this extraordinary model railway village. Denis commented;

“I was able to drive right up to the door of my own unit at Wm O’Brien’s Public Storage. I also didn’t have to turn the train set over on its side to store it which was why I chose this facility, At least I know now that it’s safe and secure and I have peace of mind while my house is being refurbished”

Denis has his own personal pin code and lock and key and only he has access to the facility. This facility is also offering storage units that retailers and families can store their Christmas gifts and products from as little as €10.00 per week including vat.

For more information on storing toys or other objects please log onto www.publicstorage.ie or call free on 1800 74 74 75.




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