Our approach

with any prospective clients is a very straight forward but thorough process to ensure we get a thorough understanding of your challenges and objectives

  • Initial Briefing
    The most important step with any client is a detailed nitial briefing meeting where we take time to establish a clear understanding of your organisation, the sector, your key issues and objectives. We then agree the exact scope of the work required.
  • Plan Preparation - Clarity
    After the initial briefing meeting a Marketing & PR Plan is written including a clear statement of key issues and objectives and a plan, which is designed to meet the objectives as outlined.
  • Plan & Budget - Detail
    Once the Marketing & PR Plan is reviewed and agreed a comprehensive Activity Plan is written, which outlines in detail the schedule of tasks, responsibilities and budgets to support this plan.
  • Plan Approval - Get Set!
    The detail in this Plan is reviewed and agreed with the client, including the timing of activities, the responsibilities, budgets with modifications as required.
  • Plan Execution - Go!
    Once the Plan has been agreed Fuzion will than oversee the execution of the Marketing & PR Plan working with the client every step of the way.
  • Review Progress
    At regular intervals during the project we review progress with our client. The objective is to ensure that the Marketing & PR Plan is being adhered to, that the activities are having the desired results and a check to see if circumstances have changed in