Our wonderful friend, Frank Scott Lennon

Frank Scott - Lennon

This week we were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of our very special friend and mentor/advisor, Frank Scott-Lennon, founder of HR For Better Workplaces and I just wanted to share some of my own thoughts.

Frank came into our lives at a time of real turmoil for our business and supported us with such great advice and even greater friendship.

If it wasn’t for Frank, I’m not sure if I would have even continued in business as I was losing all faith in myself as a business leader.

Having Frank and his colleague Laura Powney, Assoc CIPD beside us, gave us great fuel to keep going and they really shared, and in doing so lightened our burden.

Apart from the ultra professional side to Frank, he was a pure gent, great fun and we are honoured to call him a really dear friend.

He has left all of us heartbroken, but what he has also left behind is a fantastic legacy with Laura and his daughter Sinead taking up the charge to make wellness in the workplace achievable for all businesses big and small.

Greg Canty always used to say to his kids when they were small, crying at the end of a really great holiday, when they had to go home – “The best of fun is the worst of tears“.

I’m thinking that right now.

One of the best things about Fuzion is the friendships we have made along the way – that’s the fun bit. And with Frank, he was one of the best friends Fuzion could ever have. This makes the tears flow so much more….

Rest in peace our dear buddy Frank and our love, prayers and thoughts are with Sinead and your heartbroken family xxxxxx


Deirdre is the Founder of Fuzion Communications

Greg had the privilege of chatting with Frank for his Win Happy podcast, and he had a full and fascinating – this can be listened to here.

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