PR takes time… from all parties!


So you’ve hired Fuzion, or indeed any PR company, to raise your profile/ increase sales/ make you famous/ “change your life”… you think your job is done. Sorry to break it to you, no it’s not!

A lot of people think that once they are working with a PR company, they won’t have to spend any more time on it themselves. In fact, when you hire a PR firm, you may initially spend more time (and money) on PR related activity than you did before.

But trust me, it won’t be like this forever, and it’s worth it in the long run when you’re seeing great results on a regular basis.

Before we start providing our PR services to anyone, we explain the importance of “looking the part” – having your brand in place, having professional photography etc.

If we are going to get you media exposure, it’s so important that your website is up to date when people log on after reading an article about you, and that you look professional when they see your face in shining lights. We will encourage you to invest in professional photos and we will advise you on who, in our opinion, will do the best job for you.

So now you’re ready to take a back seat and let us do our job… not quite, we still need a little help from you.

We need to build bios on your company and staff – once we have these in place, we shouldn’t need to “bother” you again about them. These bios will help us when pitching your company and you to the press.

Nearly there now… we’re now in a much better position to start PR’ing you and your brand. With the right “collateral”, we should be able to successfully pitch your story out, and this will possibly mean interviews with media (formal, or even informal coffee introductions) – you are the best person to do these interviews, not us.

If you want to achieve the objectives we set out initially, we need you to be involved in the process.

Don’t worry though, we’re not going to be on to you 24/7.

We will keep you updated on progress, and let you know about opportunities as they arise. Also worth noting, in all plans, we factor in time for review meetings (generally quarterly) – here we’ll assess how effective the activity is, and work on a strategy for the next phase of your campaign.

So there you have it, employing the services of a good PR company won’t free you completely from PR duties but it will however open the door to more PR opportunities, helping you to achieve your goals.

Alison O'Brien- Fuzion PRAlison O’Brien

Alison O’Brien is a Senior Account Director with Fuzion PR & Marketing which has offices in Cork and Dublin, Ireland

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