The Glasshouse - The Montenotte Hotel

Fuzion were very fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to work on a project with The Monenotte Hotel recently. We collaborated with them on brainstorming & naming of a new rooftop bar and developed the branding & all associated print and digital collateral.

The Glasshouse rooftop bar has been designed with creativity, delivering a distinctively eclectic vibe, full of fun and will offer an experience like no other. Opening just in time for the start of August, we aim to elevate the experience for you our guests, offering an architecturally designed, art-deco inspired setting for you to enjoy the very best of Cork hospitality.

We strived to encapsulate this in the brand we developed, we wanted it to stand out from the crowd - exuding luxury with smooth curves and subtle indentations. Utilizing a gorgeous, elegant Didone typeface, a style which was very prolific from the late 18th century through early 19th.

The final wordmark is a melding of Didot and Bodoni, the two most characteristic typeface styles of this era - with some custom flourishes. These core styles have French & Italian roots, with the intention being to tie back to the heritage of the name “Montenotte”

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