Drumcliffe Church Visual Identity, Website and Brochure

A recently completed project here at fuzion is a suite of assets for Drumcliffe Church, the beautiful Sligo destination where W.B. Yeats was laid to rest.

Our client approached Fuzion to design their new visual identity and to follow up with a bespoke website and a brochure to support the push to attract visitors and tourists to Drumcliffe.

Fuzion develped the church's logo, designed and developed the new website at drumcliffechurch.ie and designed a clever 14 page brochure that expands out into a map of the popular tourist destination. The map, also illustrated by Fuzion's design team, accompanies the fantastic audio tour our client developed for Drumcliffe. 

We wish Drumcliffe every success and are currently working with our client to localise their brochure into a suite of European, Scandinavian and Asian languages.

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