Ronseal – What does your tin say about you?

Fuzion - Ronseal, It does what it says on the tin

It does what it says on the tin?

At Fuzion we always use the fabulous line made famous by Ronseal, “It Does What it says on the Tin” as part of our work with clients.

PR is about your reputation and before we spend a lot of time, effort and resources bringing attention to our clients we try to make sure that they “look the part” before this happens.

It is really important that your logo, your printed materials and your whole on-line presence including your website, facebook and twitter accounts all reflect your business properly.This even comes down to the photo you might use for yourself on your profile pictures on your website or LinkedIn.

It is frightening how quick a prospective customer will judge you and your business based on initial impressions formed from your website or other materials.Your website is like a silent salesman, with prospects entering this “showroom” except here you don’t see them or get a chance to watch their reaction and influence them.

Before choosing to use a supplier do you check their website or make a quick judgement about someone based on their business card? The scary thing is that someone could have you fully assessed without ever speaking to you – and you knew nothing about it?

Is it time to have a good look at your tin?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion Communications

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