Web Optimisation 

is a key step of our process is to make sure your website is found easily online. It is essential that all efforts are made to ensure that the 'low hanging fruit' opportunities are not lost by having a badly performing website. 

Creative Solutions

At Fuzion, impactful, purposeful and user-centered design is as much about engaging our clients as it is their customers. On the customer side, our product, packaging, identity and other design work is the holistic, final sum of our creative process. On the client side, we are big believers in creating deliverables that will not only convey their story but will live on in the organisation.

Website Design

A professional, well designed website makes the ultimate statement about you and your business. As well as looking good, conveying your story in an impactful way, it should be found easily by your customers, function smoothly and seamlessly. Once built it must be capable of adapting quickly and easily to any changes, just like your organisation does.

Public Relations

Our dedicated team includes experienced PR professionals from varying backgrounds, including former national journalists, media trainers, political advisors, crisis PR consultants and social media experts.


Social Media

Social Media when used correctly can be a powerful part of your overall strategy, enhancing and accelerating your brand online and helping to develop new connections and generate new business.

Web Optimisation Services

Fuzion with offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland offer Web Optimisation, Web Marketing, Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to our clients.

We ensure that our client’s websites are optimised so that they have the very best chance of being are found by their target audience, and that we implement a clear strategy to ensure we maximise traffic for the target keywords that present the most opportunities.

Being found online is essential and then creating the right impression and portraying the right message is critical with a well-designed website.

We ensure that:

  • Your website can be found quickly by the Search Engines (Optimisation) either organically and/or with Google Ads pay per click advertising
  • The content that appears through your website is appropriate considering the priority keywords as used by the target audience
  • Within your website the specific services or products that are being searched for can be found with ease

Google Ads Service

Fuzion provide web optimisation services to clients and can also implement a supporting Google Ads pay-per-click campaign where necessary to attract the right target audience.

Your web presence can be further enhanced through blogging and with the use of the different Social Media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Check out our Social Media Consultancy Services.


Greg Canty - Digital Marketing Expert

Greg Canty

Greg heads up Digital Services at Fuzion Communications, overseeing a full suite of Social Media Services, Website development, SEO, Google Adwords, Blogging and Podcasting.

Greg was one of the early lecturers for the Digital Marketing Institute and he also runs Social Media Training courses for some of the Local Enterprise Offices as well as bespoke training for clients.

Greg is a partner of Fuzion and has vast business experience in both Financial and General Management having had roles in the drinks industry with Guinness and Heineken as well as operating his own retail music store businesses. Greg brings his practical, business approach to his social media consultancy ensuring that all activity is very focused.

Greg is the producer of the Fuzion Win Happy podcast and is one of Ireland's most prolific bloggers covering Business, Marketing, PR, Social Media and other general issues.