Twitter – are you covered?

Jean Martin - Fuzion

Ok, our graphic team didn’t do this !!

First Facebook now Twitter– cover pages are becoming a significant feature of your social media presence.

The recent introduction of these cover images by Twitter are allowing users to give greater prominence to photographs and imagery. By allowing users to feature one image as a large banner at the top of their profile, you can make a bigger visual impact with your Twitter presence.

This new design feature gives your visual profile a similar opportunity to that available on your Facebook page.

This new cover page feature on Twitter won’t just be seen on your computer, but will also be visible on mobile Apps, including Twitter’s all-new, totally rebuilt iPad App.

Your profile pic is no longer tucked in the corner, but will display front and centre of your cover page in a business card type of layout. This change gives you the chance to be creative and get yourself or your business out there with a more visual impact.

Eventually, all users will have to switch over to the new look. It won’t be enforced immediately, however, I do recommend just embracing the change, getting ahead of your competition before the inevitable change of profile format takes place in the coming months.

To make the change grab a visual (Max 1200 x 600 pixels: We always recommend that you get your graphic designer to do this – I did my own!) and upload from the Design Menu in your profile settings.

Are you covered?

Jean Martin is a PR Consultant with Fuzion 

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