A Newcomer’s guide to the land of PR

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Entering the world of PR is a steep learning curve, one where you have to take a deep breath and run with it.

I am the newest member of the Fuzion team and so far I’ve found the PR industry to be swift, sociable and constant. With the economic downturn, the PR game has adapted to the business climate – this landscape is an exciting one to be starting your PR career in.

The stereotypical view of this industry is that it is bustling and overwhelming, but the reality is that the fundamental purpose of PR is based on human interaction and enabling your clients to convey their stories and life’s passions to the world. Really – PR maintains a steady presence in all our lives.

After all, when are we not communicating and engaging with the world around us? Although many aspects of the industry have evolved with the modern age, the foundations of PR’s values and goals have remained true to their roots.

The Secret to Success in the World of PR

Success and progression within the world of PR rely on the ABC formula of success – Ability, Breaks and Courage.

Once you set yourself the goal of beginning your career in PR, your ability will flourish. Interpersonal skills and being in tune with your gut instincts will be of great benefit to you in the PR arena. Also, passion, an astute nature and having the wisdom to take advice from your more experienced colleagues will equip you with the tools you need to become a successful PR professional.

Then when your lucky break comes along, make sure you’re ready to take it!

You can create such opportunities through hard work and by embracing all elements of your new role. The effort you put into your PR skills in your budding career will pay dividends! Hard work ensues courage in your professional ability, so with self belief and a strong skill set you’ll make an outstanding PR professional.

Courage and confidence in your role allows you to communicate the values, strengths and personality of your client to their target audience.

PR’s Rules of Engagement

Having come from the food industry – where hospitality and customer service is key, I’ve always seen businesses as a set of relationships. When these relationships are harmonious and balanced, your business is sure to be humming!


Contented employees lead to satisfied customers and it’s from here that your business’ success will soar. In this sense, PR is no different from the business of food and hospitality. The rules of engagement in PR are clear cut and enable you to unlock the potential of both your professional profile and that of your client.

Human connection is still the key to engagement: meeting people, hearing their stories and communicating your story effectively is the ultimate key to success in PR. By properly engaging with your client, you relate to their needs and the key messages that they want communicated to their target audience.

Public Perception

Positive public perception of one’s client is an essential function of the PR professional.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can play a vital role for your image and for engagement with your target audience and is something that as a PR professional will be of great worth.

Lets get social!

In the current PR climate, social media plays a key role and the enhancement of your client’s profile can be more easily quantified in the public sphere through one’s number of followers, likes and retweets.

Media coverage has extended from print, radio and TV to online resources.

Social media makes communication instant and constant and mean your PR profile should be ever present on these online platforms.

What has changed in this newly formed PR arena is the form of writing most valued in your PR role. While quality of writing is very important, brevity is also vital, reflecting the swift pace of communication in today’s Ireland. Capturing the passion, sentiment and sincerity of a key message in 140 characters on Twitter is a skill worth perfecting for every PR professional.

My whirlwind continues and as I learn more I will keep you updated!

Thanks for reading..

Diasy HigginsDaisy Higgins

Daisy Higgins is a PR Account Executive with Fuzion PR, Marketing and Graphic Design who have offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland


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