Celebrating Above and Beyond ….

Working as part of a team can be easy or hard depending on what “you” decide to bring to the party – your attitude and perspective are critical. It can be a case of …I’ll do my bit and that’s the end of it or we are all in this together and there is a world of a difference between the two, but both technically can be you “doing your job“.

At Fuzion we always emphasise our values, we make a Brave PACT with each other.

These aren’t token words that appear on our website but they are the things we look for when interviewing. the things we emphasise when onboarding new team members and they are part of our ongoing reporting – where did we see instances of these values being displayed by the team this month?

We are Brave, never afraid to challenge, to innovate, to not do the easy thing and push for a better thing.

We want the Passion of each person in the team to flow, not just punching in the hours – what a wasted life that would be!

We are Ambitious for our clients, ourselves, each other and for our business.

We are Caring for everyone that we deal with during the course of our work and most of all we work as a team, we are in this together.

And finally we are Tenacious, going the extra miles as needed to get that result for a client, whatever that is.

All in all we want to create a happy thriving environment where people can enjoy their work, enhance and progress in their careers and one that wins for them, for Fuzion and for our clients – collectively this is Winning Happy.

These values were carefully developed with the whole team at a Brand Workshop that we held for ourselves a number of years ago. It is a very powerful exercise but the biggest challenge is to make sure these actually mean something and that they come to life in a real way.

An email by one of my colleagues, Ciarán, caught my attention today – it was basically him acknowledging to the whole group the “above and beyond” work that one of the team (Mark) did to get a particular job over the line.

The subject matter of the email was “Above and Beyond” and it went like this..

We use that phrase a lot, and sometimes it’s merited more than others. This time, I think it’s worth employing in the case of Mark Kenny helping out with some (client name) digital advertising design work, far outside office hours, due to unforeseen circumstances.

It’s so far above and beyond, it’s practically in another jurisdiction, so thanks Mark, and looking forward to seeing the output in Dublin airport next week!

This is our values in action and I can only imagine how Mark feels reading this as well as the comments that followed by the whole team.

And Mark replied..

Thanks folks, Ciarán put together such a great and ambitious project and worked so closely with us.
It was an opportunity worth taking and Lolly and our team are perpetually a great support, sure look.
Cheers for the kind words ✌️

Your values are who you are and they protect and guide you – if these are embedded in the culture of the business in a real consistent way that is understood clearly by everyone, then it is really wonderful to see them in action.

A huge thanks to Mark for going above and beyond and for Ciarán for acknowledging it


Greg is a partner at Fuzion Brand Communications agency with offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland

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