Are you Dressed for Success?

Trading Places - Dress for success

Like many women, I admit that I spend a proportionately large amount of time thinking about WHAT TO WEAR!

Rather than it being out of pure vanity, more often than not, my decisions regarding my attire revolve around “communication”. By dressing a certain way, I like to believe that I am sending out a message – about myself, my personality and sometimes even my mood.

This is especially true when preparing to make a lasting first impression – be it at a first date, a job interview, or a meeting with a potential client. In situations like these, I want the clothes I wear to communicate that I am strong, confident, maybe a little bit quirky and fun, but also reliable and professional.

I want to “dress for success”.

Funnily enough this phrase doesn’t just apply to clothes and first dates. It also applies to your business.

Every time a potential customer sees your website, marketing materials or even a business card, they immediately begin to form an opinion about your business.  Graphic Design is the clothing of your organisation. Similar to a great interview outfit that gives you confidence and shouts professionalism, well designed graphics, that have been tailored to your businesses’ individual needs, will get your organisation noticed, create an impact and help communicate all the essential and uniquely special messages, which in the end will get you that client!

The right outfit can make you look like a polished professional while the wrong outfit can make you look quite the opposite.

What is your outfit saying about you today?

Basia Kozlik - Fuzion Basia Kozlik is a Graphic Designer with Fuzion 

Fuzion provide a full range of traditional and online graphic design services in Ireland from our office in Cork and Dublin

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