Fuzion’s Favourite Christmas Movies!!

It’s that time of year again, where all the family get together to celebrate Christmas. For a few days of the year, we try to put away our phones and forget about work. Even if our families do drive us around the bend when it comes to holidays, it is nice to take some time and relax after a long year. And what better way to relax than watching some movie on your screens at home.

We asked the team here at Fuzion, ‘what will they be watching this festive season?’ The answers brought up some popular choices and also some unusual ones. Let’s get into it!

Harry Potter:

Starting off with some wizardry! Harry Potter proved a formidable choice among the team this year. With the last film of the franchise nearly 13 years old and still popular among viewers, it is safe to say that the legacy of Harry Potter well and truly lives on. When asked to elaborate on which instalment of the franchise they would be watching. “All of them” was the collective answer. 

It’s a Wonderful Life:

Moving onto a Christmas classic! This was the choice of Fuzion founder, Deirdre Waldron. The story of businessman, George Bailey, who becomes suicidal after a financial crisis at the community bank. But when an angel from heaven, Clarence, is sent to him to his change of heart, he shows him what life would have been without his existence. Deirdre was sure to remind us that we have no excuse but to watch it, as all the main networks air it at some point over the holiday season.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:

Keeping in theme with classic films. Does anything make us feel more Christmassy than the sight of Gene Wilder singing ‘Pure Imagination’, while dancing around a giant chocolate factory that has a river of chocolate following through it. And let’s not forget the oompa loompas! As Mark Kenny in our Design department pointed out, while not being a Christmas themed movie, it is still quintessential Christmas viewing. Also, something for the whole family to enjoy.

Die Hard:

Ah, Die Hard. A true Christmas movie or is it? This was of much debate within the offices of Fuzion over the last week. But, it was ruled with an overwhelming majority that it is in fact a Christmas movie. No matter what Bruce Willis has no say on the matter. Either way, we’ll be watching John McLean save his wife and the rest of the hostages from terrorist Hans Gruber (played by the late, great Alan Rickman).

The Holiday:

Moving on to the modern Christmas classics! First up, we have The Holiday starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black. This is the story of two lovetorn women (Diaz and Winslet) who from across the Atlantic Ocean organise a home exchange for Christmas. Diaz’s character sets off to England from LA where she meets Winslet’s brother (played by Law) and Winslet’s character goes in the opposite direction to LA, where she falls in love with a Hollywood film composer (played by Black). Both pairs embark on strange and funny love affairs. But will they last or is it just a holiday romance?

Love Actually:

The film that defies the critics. Originally, viewed by many as not just a Christmas movie flop, but a mega Hollywood flop. Starring actors such as Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Keira Knightly, Love Actually, is 20 years old this year and has made a mighty comeback to become a modern-day Christmas cult classic. Amongst the team here at Fuzion, it was given a must watch status for your Christmas viewing.

Falling for Christmas:

If you really want to spice things up on your Christmas watchlist, then this is the one for you. Starring Lindsey Lohan, yes you read that right and it’s not the early 2000’s anymore, Falling for Christmas follows a spoiled heiress who loses her memory in a skiing accident and lands in the care of a lodge owner widower at Christmastime. Released last year on Netflix, Suzanne Meade, our Account Director, said this film “is actually really good….if you are into festive bubblegum type of movies!” 

Planes Trains and Automobiles

While this genius movie written, produced and directed by John Hughes is strictly speaking a movie about Thanksgiving, seeing as us Irish don’t really know what that is, we have adopted it as a perfect Christmas movie.

John Hughes knows his humour, he produces movies that adults and kids can sit down and watch together, he knows how to pull at the heart strings and he always delivers huge life lessons. The main characters are two comic geniuses in their own right. Steve Martin plays the business executive who is desperately trying to get home and his “new friend” John Candy plays a shower curtain ring salesman who both hinders and helps in that pursuit.

This is Greg’s favourite and he insists that if you are one of the only people on this earth who has not seen it then your life will be transformed forever once you press play!

Whatever you watch and whoever you watch it with treasure this special time.

Merry Christmas from all of the Fuzion crew

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