Johnny Logan and knowing your audience!

Johnny Logan

I know what you like!

I was listening to the Ray D’Arcy Show on Today FM yesterday and they were interviewing one of this year’s nominees to be selected to represent Ireland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Kasey Smith.

When discussing how unsuccessful Ireland have been over the last few years, co presenter Mairead Farrell made a very valid point saying that it’s Europe that will be voting on the night (not Ireland) and we should all remember this when choosing Ireland’s act. What Ireland prefers may not be what Europe would vote for!

This got me thinking about businesses and I wondered are they fitting in with this logic?

The market is changing rapidly and what may have worked before may no longer be relevant to your ‘current audience’ so businesses need to take a step back and see how they can improve their product/service in order to keep up with their competitors or even better, get ahead of them.

It’s obviously easier for bigger companies to get to know their audience as they can afford to do lots of detailed market research to identify their target audience and find out what they are thinking.

This shouldn’t stop smaller companies conducting their own research – you can carry out surveys using free services on-line such as Survey Monkey or Group-Surveys to help identify your product/service’s strengths and weaknesses in your customers’ eyes.

Even monitoring feedback received on social networks or review sites can be used to your advantage. Watch carefully what is being said and keep your mind open to new opportunities and needs! (This is one of our reasons for making sure you look after your own social media).

Once you know your audience you need to also know where to find them!

A brilliant advertising package may sound like an amazing offer but will it actually reach your own target market? – I remember a client of ours ringing us all excited because she had just secured a great deal – she secured a double page advert in Magill magazine for half price ..the services she offered were an alternative to cosmetic surgery!! The poor pet was out of business three months later.

Don’t just research the publication/radio station – Find out what issue/ radio show would be most relevant to your business.

It looks like we all need to be like Johnny Logan ..

Mary QuilleMary Quille is a PR Consultant with Fuzion

Fuzion are a Marketing, PR and Graphic Design firm with offices in Dublin and Cork

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