What's hot and what's not for the new domain names in Ireland

07 March 2014

It is one month since the new gTLDS (generic Top Level Domains) became available on the open market and we’re already seeing trends of the most and least popular choices that reflect the change in Ireland’s economy and industries.

According to Register365, the Irish online domain registrar, the activity for gTLDs in Ireland does not mirror the global trend with niche domains such as .guru, which tops the statistics globally with over 40,000 registrations, having just 7% take-up in Ireland.

Meanwhile, according to Register365 figures, domains such as .kitchen and .photography are proving a hit with Irish businesses with 30% and 22% take-up respectively, compared to minimal interest in .holdings, .technology, .contractors and .estate, the latter which had a 1% take-up in Ireland.

The new gTLDs were released in early February with new domain niches coming online each week giving businesses more choice and relevant extensions to acquire.

Last week saw the release of domains such as .sexy, .diamonds, .tips and .tattoo, and domains such as .careers, .shoes, .recipes and even .domains itself will become available for businesses to purchase over the next two weeks.

According to Sally Tomkotowicz, Customer Acquisition Marketing Manager for Register365, more Irish businesses should capitalise on the gTLDs that are available in their industries.

“The exciting process of gTLD availability and buying is already proving unpredictable, for example we are really surprised to see that the front runner in Ireland is .kitchen as it’s certainly not a global favourite.

“We would strongly encourage online businesses to be aware of what is happening and pay particular attention to the new extensions that are relevant to them as a business. At Register365 we are hopeful that smaller businesses that were hit hard by the economic downturn will get a real boost by accessing loads of great new web addresses that were previously locked away.”

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