The FishBar celebrates its First Birthday

The FishBar celebrates its First Birthday

22 April 2014

Corks foodies were out in force last night as the FishBar celebrated its first birthday in style. The FishBar is the latest addition to Electric, the popular riverside venue situated in Cork’s city centre.


The celebrations kicked off last night as guests were treated to some of the most popular dishes from the past year including Scallop & Cod Burgers, Thai Monkfish and Fresh Oysters.


Speaking about the success of the FishBar’s first year, well-known businessman and owner of Electric, Ernest Cantillion said “the FishBar at Electric is extremely popular and we pride ourselves on being innovative, providing the highest quality fish dishes to our customers. We are lucky in cork that we have access to such a plentiful supply of locally sourced fresh seafood, so we like to make the most of it. To celebrate our first birthday we wanted to treat our guests to some of our favourite and most popular dishes over the past year and judging by the empty plates it went down well.”


In the last 12 months, this Mediterranean inspired FishBar has gone from strength to strength, creating a fresh buzz in cork city, open each week from Wednesday to Saturday.


Located on the south mall in cork city centre, Electric is favoured by both tourists and locals alike. Acclaimed for staying ahead of the competition in corks rich culinary landscape, the strong addition of the FishBar has proved a major success.