04 March 2016

Everything we do in life seems to have a process. From the simplest task of buttering a slice of bread to sitting your driving test, there are certain steps you must take to complete the task. Matrix Recruitment Group and Intro Matchmaking have recently come to realise that the process of finding a job and looking for love are no different and can have many similarities.

Intrigued by these similarities, Matrix Recruitment consulted with Feargal Harrington of Intro Matchmaking and www.arealkeeper.ie to get his professional perspective. Both agreed that the stages we go through when searching for a job or for love can be quiet overwhelming and can often lead us to ask questions such as; What do I really want? What do I really need? Is this right for me?

Speaking about the comparisons, Joanne Foley, Regional Recruitment Manager at Matrix Recruitment Group said, “Considering that we spend more than half of our waking hours at work, it is just as important to choose the right career and company as it is a romantic partner. Therefore, it really comes as no surprise, that how we go about choosing both is actually very similar.”

Joanne and Feargal believe that there are certain stages we experience with in the process of finding a job or looking for love, and you may be surprised to find out just how apt they are in both situations. Feargal Harrington, Intro Matchmaking added, “We were delighted to talk to Joanne and based on our professional experiences it was an interesting discussion. The emotions and actions we all take whether it is a step towards finding love or a job are natural behaviours and it was exciting to recognise the similarities”.

Stage 1: I need love/I need a job

The realisation stage - You become stuck in a rut and see your friends getting all loved up or beginning to climb the career ladder. You then begin to notice there’s something missing in your life and a change needs to happen and quick. It’s time to find either that dream job or that dream partner. Or maybe both!

Stage 2: Selling Yourself

The honesty stage – You make note of your best qualities and characteristics, putting it all on paper, as well as joining a recruitment or dating agency. You also sign up to LinkedIn or Tinder and agonise about the perfect profile pic and coming up with a witty one line summary about yourself.

Stage 3: The Search

The filtering stage – Your recruitment or matchmaking agency is assisting you in the search for ‘The One’ but you also keep an eye on jobs and potential partners online. You also get all glammed up and hit the town for a night out or a careers fair, depending on what you’re after!

Stage 4: This Could Be “The One”

The hopeful stage – You know what you want at this stage and find something or someone that ticks all the boxes (or enough that you’re willing to learn more!). You think of a clever and eye catching intro line and finally hit the send button. Now the waiting game begins!

Stage 5: It’s a Match!

The pensive stage – After constantly refreshing your emails and checking your phone, a potential partner or employer gets in touch and wants to meet up. Relief and euphoria is followed by a healthy bout of nerves. ‘What do I say?’ ‘Will they think I’m interesting?’ ‘What will I wear?’

Stage 6: The First Meeting

The meeting stage – The constant wardrobe changes and potentially awkward introduction sets the butterflies off again but once the conversation starts to flow, you relax. It goes well and you make your way home feeling ten feet tall.

Stage 7: The Next Day

The waiting stage – You review the initial meeting and panic sets in; did they like me? Why did I say that? Eventually the phone buzzes and they really liked you too. What a relief!

Stage 8: Trust Your Gut Time

The decision stage – At this point you have been on a few more dates or attended a second or maybe a third interview. Your feelings are now clear and you have to decide what is right for you. Maybe you have found the one and it’s time to make a commitment or maybe it doesn’t feel quite right and you decide to keep looking.

Whatever the decision or outcome of your search for love or a job, it is important to know that you are with an agency that has your best interests at heart. If you’re searching for a new career Matrix Recruitment Group provides just that, as well as HR support and career guidance services nationwide, with offices based in Dublin, Waterford, Athlone, Galway and Carlow. For more information please visit, www.matrixrecruitment.ie