03 November 2017

A Cork accountancy firm is launching a new online bookkeeping and accounting service that can help small and medium sized business owners keep control of their finances.


Clarity is AG Associates’ response to the changing world of commercial financial reporting. The system allows clients to take real time control of their accounts with cloud based software so that they always know their bottom line, which is fully supported by the AG Associates team.


Clarity can be accessed online at any time so you can see how your business is performing right now. Providing key info on your profit and loss and financial position as part of your monthly bookkeeping process, Clarity allows the business owner make the necessary financial decisions to help keep their business on track in real time. Clarity also provides monthly, and quarterly breakdowns of financial performance so that business owners can optimise their cash flow.


“We’ve worked really hard on the Clarity process to make sure it’s simple for the business owner to use.” said Angela O’Leary, Managing Director of AG Associates, and creator of Clarity. “Users can log into the system and access all the relevant information and reports, for example, how cash flow is looking, what supplier payments are due, and what the monthly profits are. And what’s great about the technology behind it is that it’s secure, protected, and offers a seamless integration with a wide selection of mobile apps too.”


Clarity pairs its online offering with offline support from AG Associates. A qualified accountant supports each Clarity user to provide a 360 degree service, and ensure complete financial compliance.


“We’re looking forward to working with SMEs who want to learn how their business is really doing, who take their business financials seriously, and who are focused on optimising their business performance.” said Angela. “Signing up to Clarity means their financial performance will be reviewed not only at year end, but every month as part of an affordable package tailored to their business requirements.”


To find out more about how Clarity can provide you with a real time snapshot of how your business is doing now, visit www.agassociates.ie