Staff Training - Key to Success. Award Winning Salon Bucks the Trend

09 January 2009

One of the leading entrepreneurs in the UK, and star of the popular BBC reality business programme The Dragons Den, James Caan recently stated the secret to his success was to watch what everyone else was doing and then "buck the trend" by doing the opposite!!  This is a philosophy that a young successful Irish entrepreneur Sean Taaffe buys into.  Sean is successfully trading through the current economic climate with his successful business Sean Taaffe Hair & Beauty, in an industry that is usually one of the first to suffer in a downturn.

Based in new state of the art premises in Killarney, his team of 18 are as busy as previous years and much of this success is down to Sean and his vision for his business.  While other business cut Marketing and Advertising Spend, Sean increased his.  He also continued his planned investment in Staff Training which he sees as key to the continued success of his business. 

In 2008 Sean sent his award winning team on a total of 45 courses across 5 companies with a cost to the business of over €30,000.  Concern, with the gripping recession, is that one of the first things to be cut or reduced is staff training.  Sean feels very strong that investing in his team will keep his business ahead of the competition "So many businesses are cutting back and not investing in their businesses at present.  We feel that this is very short-sighted, as there will be an end to the downturn and it is important that we all come out fighting and prepare for success.  Any business is only as good as the people working in it, and our investment in the team is an investment in the future and the continued success of the business."

In addition to this, Sean added "As the government work to assist businesses trade through the downturn I believe that there should be recognition and more assistance for businesses who invest in staff training."  He also has a message for Training Course Providers "With cash flow being a major issue, companies providing training courses, could assist their clients by providing a payment scheme to spread the expenditure over a year - it would lead to more business and much better working relationship with clients.  We all need to adapt to these changing times and I strongly believe that it will be the businesses that adapt to change that will not only survive, but will be the first to benefit from the upturn when it comes around again."

Sean's award winning salon is based in The Courtyard, Lewis Road in Killarney and is a Mecca for people who wish to look their very best.  "We have a very loyal customer base and thankfully the business has not been affected by the downturn and I put this down to the quality of our team.  By investing in training we are offering our clients the most highly trained staff in the industry - quality always wins out even in a recession and our business is proof of that."

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