Waveform Solutions and Bio Trans Diagnostic Support Services achieve best practice standards in the transport of diagnostic Specimens

Waveform Solutions and Bio Trans Diagnostic Support Services achieve best practice standards in the transport of diagnostic Specimens

24 February 2009

Two leading Irish companies Waveform Solutions, the leading mobile  solutions provider in Ireland and BioTrans Diagnostic Support Services, Ireland's only dedicated medical transport company,   have come together in order to provide a system that focuses on best practice in the area of transporting diagnostic substances.  This is a result of New Safety Regulations brought in by the European Union and directives passed by the World Health Organisation which mean that in 2009 customers should no longer use courier services or direct transport in order to transport diagnostic specimens. This "meeting of minds" was brought about when Alan Carroll. MD of Waveform solutions was contacted by Brian Rogers, Managing Director and Michael O' Kane, Business Manager of  Bio Trans, with a view to providing the hardware and software solutions which would make these new regulations both viable and cost effective. Since 1988 Waveform Solutions have been providing data capture and mobility solutions to a wide variety of clients and tailoring individual solutions to meet the particular needs of these clients.

In this case,due to the nature of the goods being transported, it was important that a fully traceable transport solution system be applied. Bio Trans wanted to put in place a system that would meet the new required regulations for the packaging, collection and delivery of diagnostic samples throughout Ireland. Additionally, the system's key strength is its ability to save money in terms of meeting all collection and delivery times and increase productivity within the workforce and turnaround time for results.

Following meetings between the two companies a system which uses On Route Tracking streamlining activities for mobile workers was implemented. This was coupled with a barcode tracking system which can be combined with satellite tracking allowing drivers to quantify exactly what they are collecting and to arrange proof of collection and delivery in real time. All of the information gathered by individual drivers can then be fed back into the mainframe in the head office at regular intervals allowing clear transparency and the ability to store and search historic data.

Michael O'Kane,Bio Trans says;

"As Ireland's only dedicated medical transport company we realised that we needed to develop a customer driven piece of technology. Waveform solutions exceeded our expectations and have delivered on each of the key requirements we had. We now comply with all of the industry regulations and have achieved best practice as set down by the guidelines of the WHO. The feedback we have received from users of the system, gives us the confidence and belief that we are superbly positioned to service the diagnostic transport needs within Ireland. Not only that but this technology has enabled us to increase our productivity and efficiency. For more information on how to avail of our services, log onto www.bio-trans.ie"

For those worrying about investing money in new systems in the current challenging environment Waveform Solutions has just announced a new "Lease Plan" providing their clients with these latest technologies at a Fixed Monthly Cost per user, unusually covering both hardware and software. This means that businesses can enjoy the benefits and savings of this technology immediately and pay over a 3 to 5 year period.For more information on Waveform Solutions and to hear more about Lease-Plan, contact 01-6209700 or e-mail solutions@waveform.ie.