Meditech Clinics Dublin: Helping Brides-to-Be Prepare for their Big Day

13 April 2009

Ireland's first and only Meditech Super Clinic, which recently opened in Dublin, offers revolutionary, natural treatments that can help any Bride-To-Be prepare for her Big Day! The only clinic of its kind in Ireland and the UK, Meditech Clinics Dublin offers a number of unique treatments that are non-invasive, totally natural, body sculpting techniques, which offer a tailor-made, pain free, alternative to cosmetic surgery. Meditech Clinics offers a range of Wedding Packages perfect for preparing for the most important day in any girl's life. Treatments include:

Tummy Treatments: Meditech Clinics Dublin recommends combining Medi-Lipo and Beautytek Treatments for the best results on those "tough-to-tone tummies". Medi-Lipo is literally a "fat busting" machine and the intelligent alternative to liposuction. The latest in laser lipolysis, this machine offers you a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no down time.

This should be followed by Beautytek Premium for Toning and Tightening of the stomach. Beautytek is an exceptional treatment when applied to excess fatty deposits around the body; it encourages the transfer of fat out of the fat cells so that it can be burned as energy.  Using gentle micro-currents that are regulated by your own body energy, Beautytek encourages the breakdown of collagen fibres and free the fat out of the cells. The skin and underlying tissue is then firmed, improving the shape and tone of your tummy.

With Medi-Lipo and Beautytek, you can lose inches from your tummy without resorting to special eating plans, radical exercise regimes or the surgeon's knife!

Breast Programmes:It is generally recognized that the bust is the first thing which is noticed about a woman's body. The firmness of the breast is more important than the size, as it is that which gives it a sexy look. Beautytek shows exceptional results for breast firming and lifting.

Using gentle micro-currents, Beautytek not only provides cell rejuvenation required, but it is the only system in the beauty world that uses a huge database to monitor and compare client's individual cellular activity 900 times per second and automatically gives clients a customised programme and therefore, the precise treatment they will need. With a full course of treatments, clients can expect to see an overall improvement in firmness in the skin, a lift in the breast, improvement in skin tone and texture, and excess fat and fluid being drained from the breast, enhancing the contour of the breast. It also increases blood flow through the breast tissue and increases the tone of the pectoral muscle. Breast treatments continue to improve after the course of treatment has been completed.

These are great alternatives for brides-to-be who are considering surgery, but finding they are not ready to go under the surgeon's knife. All treatments at Meditech Clinics Dublin are suitable for both women and men (so grooms can get in shape too!), of any age, size or fitness level. Effects can be as permanent as any method of reducing fat, including surgery and results can be seen quickly.

For further information or to avail of Special Reader Deals on Wedding Packages call (01) 6789920 or visit Meditech Clinics Dublin is located at 29, Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2.