How Green Is Ireland? New Environmental Magazine launches

How Green Is Ireland? New Environmental Magazine launches

02 July 2009

The first edition of a new magazine for the environmentally conscious called Green Ireland? is now available at leading newsagents all around Ireland and Northern Ireland. The magazine aims to examine and question all aspects of the environment both in an Irish context and globally. It is aimed at both the corporate and consumer market,basically looking at how as individuals and businesses, people can make positive changes that will benefit the environment, but in a way that makes economic sense.

The magazine is a forum which will challenge and discuss issues ranging from the policies of the Irish Government to green trends in home and businesses, green motors, green news and global issues. The first issue, whose cover is graced by Eco Warrior Leonardo Di Caprio, carries an interview with Dublin Mid West TD Paul Gogarty. It also discusses whether the Green Party has sold out on their supporters and whether Ireland can really afford to go green. Confusion over building energy ratings, an article on Barack Obama and issues like Eco Tourism and Eco cosmetics are also discussed.

Brian Coogan, publisher says "When we decided to undertake this project we wanted to create something which would explain green jargon and discuss issues in an open and forthright manner. A few months into the pre-production of the magazine we realised that while the whole green ethos makes sense, the claims of some of those who are now trying to profit from its popularity often didn't. We want to look a little closer at the true benefits and possible costs of what they say they can do for us and the environment. Hence the question mark in the title"

From a business point of view it has been a difficult project to get up and running, particularly to do so in an environmentally kind manner. Like all new and challenging ideas it has been a labour of love, much debate, blood, sweat and a lot of tears for all the team who all believe in this magazine and the ethos behind it. 

Although it is a difficult time to undertake such a venture; the environmental sector is an area that is expected to achieve growth with the creation of hundreds of "Green Collar" jobs over the coming years. This magazine hopes to become the leading environmental magazine, one which will help consumers and businesses make intelligent decisions which will help our ailing earth and protect the environment for generations to come. The magazine is available at all leading newsagents and retails at €4.95