French Mademoiselles & Persian Gypsies Inspire b.young's Opening Autumn Collection 2009

French Mademoiselles & Persian Gypsies Inspire b.young's Opening Autumn Collection 2009

24 August 2009

Delicate French decadence and Persian-inspired Bohemian undertones come together in a stylish potpourri in the b.young Opening Autumn Collection 2009

A Flavour of France - Beautiful French Mademoiselles strolling confidently along a Parisian boulevard in a stylish mix of vintage dresses, relaxed aristocracy and gorgeous designs are the basis for b.young's Opening Autumn Collection.

b.young has drawn inspiration from the luxurious sharp tailoring and feminine prints of the 1930s and 40s; and among other things, the collection features beautiful lace, satin, silks and gorgeous wools. The French fashion of the 1970s is also present with an elegant vintage tone in terms of materials and style.

Exotic Rock - Bohemian Style - The Opening Autumn Collection from b.young also features a Persian Gypsy inspired theme, with exquisite details in abundance, and luxury materials like soft velvet combining with raw materials like dark denim. This unique combination lends an ethnically inspired rock style.

This autumn, b.young's beautiful folklore prints, fine knit details, full-length skirts and print details on outdoor wear all complement each other in a mix reminiscent of Persian gypsies.

The b.young Opening Autumn Collection 2009 is available now in b.young concept stores, and over 200 stockists throughout Ireland. As always, b.young offers Irish girls fresh inspiration in fashion at attractive prices. In times like these, with b.young, girls can afford to keep their wardrobe to date with the current trends, as well as having the option to invest in a quality capsule autumn wardrobe without putting pressure on their pockets.

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