DERTOUR Vice President Receives Highest Honour

DERTOUR Vice President Receives Highest Honour

30 November 2009

Killarney Chamber of Tourism & Commerce in conjunction with Killarney Town Council have announced that Kevin Keogh (Vice President DERTOUR Germany) was inducted into the Order of Inisfallen at a ceremony held in Killarney on Friday 27th November by the Mayor of Killarney, Cllr. Michael Gleeson at a special ceremony during the official closing of the 2009 DERTOUR Reiseakademie at The Malton Hotel in Killarney.

Chamber Executive Jerry O'Grady said, "The Order of Inisfallen was created to enable Killarney to formally recognise the major contribution made towards the town's economic wellbeing by people from outside Killarney and particularly so in the tourism sector".  He added, "In selecting Kevin Keogh we are acknowledging the tremendous positive influence Kevin and the organisation he represents, DERTOUR, have had on the growth of our tourism industry over a number of years".   On receiving this prestigious award, Kevin Keogh stated "I am deeply honoured to become the 12th recipient of this unique award since its inception in 2005 and I gratefully accept it on behalf of my full team in DERTOUR and all of the German and Austrian travel agents who have so much enjoyed the 2009 Resiseakademie in Killarney which has been the best hosted event that I have attended since joining DERTOUR 13 years ago".

Kevin added "I am extremely impressed with the unity and vision of the Tourism Professionals in Killarney, and in the future we will be using Killarney as an example to other Tourism Authorities around the world, about how best to do what is vital to succeed in tourism today."

Killarney Chamber President Tom Randles said, "Kevin Keogh's DERTOUR organisation has been responsible for referring countless thousands of German and Austrian visitors to Ireland every year, many of whom are directed to Killarney.  In this current year, under his direction, Ireland and Killarney were selected to host the prestigious DERTOUR Resiseakademie when some 900 German and Austrian travel specialists are in Ireland for two weeks for in-house workshops, with tremendous spin-off potential for our tourism industry over the coming years". A second 2009 recipient, Paul O'Toole will be inducted into the Order of Inisfallen by Mayor Michael Gleeson at a special ceremony during the 2009 Kerry IHF Banquet on the evening of Thursday December 3rd at The Brehon Hotel in Killarney.