Help Kids Get Motivated This Lent @ Ballyseedy Home & Garden

Help Kids Get Motivated This Lent @ Ballyseedy Home & Garden

22 February 2012

Lent is not just about giving up chocolate, TV and crisps. Sometimes it’s about taking up a little challenge! Ballyseedy Home and Garden, Fota Retail Park, have come up with a fun alternative way to keep children motivated this Lent.

Ballyseedy's Kids Club, ‘The Muddy Welly Gang’, teaches children how to grow their own favourite fruits, herbs and flowers from tiny seeds and plant bulbs, and watch them develop over a period of 10 weeks into their very own fruit and veg.

Classes take place every Saturday from 10am until 11am, and are a great way for children to explore nature. Ballyseedy Owner, Nathan McDonnell, has already witnessed some potential Diarmuid Gavin’s on the horizon!

Nathan said, “I’m really looking forward to getting all those aspiring gardeners planting herbs and flowers for themselves! Kids love to explore nature and find what you can make use of so we want to inspire them in the garden. Imagine their faces when they produce their own tomato plant or present some lovely herbs to their mammy to include in the Sunday Roast! You don’t even need a big garden as a sunny window sill is a great place to to start your seed trays.”

Nathan continued, “Classes will also show kids how to recycle materials and make lots of quirky things collected from the forest, the beach, and left over fabric. They can then show off their creations on our Club MyGarden blog.”

For just €5 per class, Kids will receive a Muddy Welly Gang Membership Card, along with Orange Juice, Cookie and your completed gardening project for that week.

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