Irish lighting company, VERDE LED enters the US Market

Irish lighting company, VERDE LED enters the US Market

14 November 2013

Irish company VERDE LED, a leading Irish manufacturer of energy saving LED lighting solutions, located in Cork, has recently entered the lucrative US market having appointed a distributor in Boston and completed their first installation.

The lighting industry in the US is a difficult industry for non-US suppliers to break into due to different electrical protocols and a very exacting certification system; however VERDE LED, who specialises in the design, supply and installation of LED efficient lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications, has created a full range of products specifically for the demanding US market. VERDE LED has been working closely with a Boston based distributor for nearly eight months, developing a full range of commercial and industrial lighting for the US market. This slow process required a full redesign of their European range, extensive testing and then an exacting UL Certification process, but as a result, VERDE LED now has a full range of LED lighting products with a DLC listing, which is necessary to operate in the US market.

The first contract for VERDE LED through the Boston distributor was for a large car park in Boston. VERDE LED has also won the contract for the lighting in an Innovation Design Centre for Irish owned company, PCH.

Director of VERDE LED, John Keohane commented on the expansion into the US market saying "This is a very difficult market to break into. Initially we underestimated the extent of the differences between both markets, but our engineering team worked closely with our partners in the US and now we are ready with a full range of products for this lucrative market. The US market is actually behind Ireland in terms of eco-friendly lighting, but this will change quickly as the government is providing up to 75% capital grants to companies that convert."

In terms of payback, the economic argument is simple. Energy costs on average are 60% less using LED lighting. In a new build any extra upfront cost due to installation of energy efficient LED lighting will be recouped in months. In a retrofit scenario all costs will be recouped in less than two years. After payback, significant savings can be enjoyed year after year. Other benefits include reduced maintenance, reduced carbon emissions and better, brighter lights.

VERDE LED is now set to appoint a distributor for the New York area. "Getting the products right was our first step, and now we need to concentrate on appointing the right distributors." said John Keohane.

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