TeamworkPM introduces new User Interface

TeamworkPM introduces new User Interface

21 November 2013

For the last number of months, developers at leading global player in online project management software, TeamworkPM, have been working on enhancing the look and feel of TeamworkPM with a more modern and consistent design. 

While they have given the powerful, practical project management programme a complete overhaul with a clean, crisp user interface (UI), they have kept the layout consistent with the product that their users already know and love.

As well as releasing the new design, TeamworkPM have gone that little bit further for their clients, and so it also sees some great new updates added as well. With the new user interface comes an all new instant search, where users will see live results as they type. Whether searching for notebooks, files or tasks, the distinctive new icons will help skip straight to the information being looked for.  Users most often think of projects in terms of time, such as “I need this done today/ yesterday/ or last week”, so wouldn’t it be best to display project activity this way also? The new project overview is now presented in a timeline fashion with days clearly separated. This makes it faster and more intuitive to browse through what has been happening on a project.

Peter Coppinger, Director at TeamworkPM said “The web has changed a lot over the last six years. Styles have evolved, browsers have become much more sophisticated, and so has TeamworkPM. With all of the changes, subtle differences became apparent between the older and newer parts of the app. Re-working the design allowed us to bring the same look and feel to all areas of the app. Consistent colours, layouts, styles and behaviours not only look good, but make it easier to learn and explore TeamworkPM.

” He added “We’ve always been proud of our great features but felt that the interface wasn’t as good as it could be. Many of our users told us they loved the product but thought the design could be better, so we listened and made the changes accordingly. The team behind TeamworkPM encourage interaction between developers and customers, and customer feedback has been invaluable in making us market leaders globally in project manager software.

”Since the launch of the new UI, customer feedback has been positive. Brenton Smith, Creative Director at Canadian company Station16 Creative, who is a TeamworkPM user, said “TeamworkPM has wowed us and given us an uber refined UI and made the user experience a pleasant and powerful one. I am glad to have clients login and see their projects so well cared for in such a beautiful space. In our day, Project Management is often our lobby and factory floor. It is where clients interact with us more and more often than in each other’s offices. I am proud to let them see the operation in TeamworkPM. It offers excellent design and power in one package.

”Nick Craig, Managing Director at Mackerel Media, a digital marketing company based in Edinburgh, Scotland said “A straw poll of the team here gives a big thumbs-up to the new design: ‘More intuitive’ being the most common phrase used to describe the changes, which I agree with. Perhaps the best endorsement of the redesign is that we are now using the tool much more actively, as are our clients.

”The last 12 months has seen a phenomenal growth spurt for TeamworkPM, the Irish based software development company, with turnover doubling and an ongoing recruitment drive. 90% of the customer base is from the US and Canada, and users include a diverse range of clients including Universal Studios, Ebay, Microsoft, EA Sports, Ohio University, Pfizer, Oxfam, Forbes Travel, Ubisoft, Paypal, Sony and Pepsi.  

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