Electric shake things up for Movember

Electric shake things up for Movember

01 November 2013

It’s that time of year again when men around the world selflessly grow real moustaches in order to raise awareness for men’s health – specifically prostate and testicular cancer. 

This year ‘Electric’, Corks most popular bar and social hangout on the South Mall have gone a step further and announced that for the month of November, on their busiest cocktail night of the week, Thursdays, they will donate their entire sales from their male inspired whisky cocktail menu to the Movember Charity. 

Ernest Cantillon owner of Electric stated “We always try and do something different here at Electric and always try to give back whenever we can. This idea came to light when we noticed a significant increase in trade on our Thursday cocktail nights, in particular there has been an increase in the number of men buying our whiskey cocktails and we thought it fitted in well with the fun side of the male dominated charity’. 

This opens Movember up to a an increase in the amount of money raised for the charity as it allows both men and woman to do their bit for the worthy cause without having to grow the famous facial hair or indeed in addition to their ‘mo’ growth. 

This is one charity that seems to lead with fun in order to raise awareness and to get people on board. Year after year the charity grows and raises big money for the worthy cause.