Sober lane receives record number of job applications through Snapchat!

Sober lane receives record number of job applications through Snapchat!

22 July 2014

Last month Sober Lane, the new pub rocking Dublin’s city centre, started a new a craze when they asked for job applications to be sent in via Snapchat. The quirky approach went viral and as a result they had over 2,700 applications for the 20 new jobs that were on offer.


Sober Lane, who already have an established bar in Cork City are famous, for their unique and innovative ideas,made sure they made their presence known in Dublin before they even opened the doors by shaking things up from the get go.

The number of applications, publicity and positive reaction of their Snapchat approach  exceeded all expectations according to Sober Lane’s owner Ernest Cantillon.


“By asking people to submit their application through Snapchat means we get the most creative and outgoing staff without having to trawl through stack-loads of CVs and try to get to know someone on paper. Instead, the applicants had 10 seconds to impress, which is the most they are likely to have on a busy night in the bar so it makes sense - plus fun and having a laugh is what Sober Lane is all about. I was overwhelmed by the response and so grateful that we had such a huge pool of superb applicants to choose from. It has meant we now have the best possible team here at Sober Lane Dublin.”

This unconventional approach to applying for a job through Snapchat had never been done before and it comes as no surprise that Sober Lane is the first to introduce it as the brand is well-known for its quirky personality and ingenious ideas. This one in particular certainly paid off as they received record number of applications.


The official opening of Sober Lane in Irishtown, Dublin 4 took place on Wednesday 16th of July and has proven to be a popular venue with an electric atmosphere ever since. The outgoing personality of Sober Lane and fun twists such as the ‘flip the coin’ concept where customers engage in a coin toss with the barman to see if they can win another round of drinks completely free, have proven just as popular in Dublin as they have in Sober Lane, Cork and ensures the venue is packed night after night.


Sober Lane Dublin is now officially open. For more information find ‘Sober Lane D4’ on Facebook.