Social Media – Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown

When we first meet with a new client one of the reviews we always do is a social media review. Clients who have embraced social media are reaping the benefits and have very little fear however other clients still have a fear of social media and as a result have stayed away and are afraid to take the plunge…in these cases it is very much a fear of the unknown.

When I launch into my “speech” about the huge benefits a person, a business and a brand can get from social media, some clients respond to me with, “that’s great but what happens when it all goes wrong, like when a customer complains on social media for all to see?”, a concern I think a lot of people have about setting up their social media accounts.

Nowadays a consumer’s first response when it comes to complaining about something is generally to go online as this is instant and usually a very effective way of getting a brands attention. This is one of the most significant changes in consumer behaviour over the past few years and is unavoidable from a brands point of view.

If a customer is going to complain about your service or product online, they are going to do it regardless of whether or not you have a social media page, they will vent their frustration through their own social media accounts and before you know it all their online friends and followers are jumping on the bandwagon.

Hear no evil, see no evil

If you do not have a social media presence you are likely to be blissfully unaware that a complaint has been made or that irreversible damage is being done to your reputation.

If however you are on social media you more than likely would have been ‘tagged’ in the complaint post and been made aware that someone is talking about you, your business or your brand. Alternatively you can do your own regular searches through your social media accounts to see if someone has mentioned you – Twitter search is fantastic for this.

Now, you will have the chance to respond and extinguish the situation before it builds momentum and attracts a crowd of ‘haters’.

Complaints and negative feedback can be precious gifts if you listen carefully to what is being said and learn from them.

So it’s very simple, social media can be your best asset if you manage it well and through our social media training we educate people, brands and businesses on how to best utilise and manage their social media. By being afraid and avoiding social media, you are not protecting yourself instead you are allowing people to talk and complain behind your back.

What’s even worse is that by abstaining you are leaving behind the terrific opportunity to showcase your own talents and expertise and letting that to one of your competitors.

So don’t fear the unknown…embrace it!

Edel Cox - FuzionEdel Cox is a PR and Social Media Consultant with Fuzion

Fuzion offer Social Media Training and Consultancy from our offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland

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