What kind of cheese would you like?

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If you are looking to buy cheese, not any cheese, but a rich, salty, tangy, creamy cheese, full of dark taste and craft, of pleasure and savour – where would you go to purchase such a food?

Would you stop and ask Sean behind Iago’s glass counter (a cheese monger located in the English Market in Cork city) about the vintage of the cheese, of the grass-fed nature of the cows? Would you ask for a sliver to taste? Would you consider how you would eat it if you bought it?

Or would you ask the random person behind the countless chocolate bars and in front of the naggins of vodka, cough sweets and parking disks in a convenience store about whether the cheddar manufacturer’s pasteurise their milk or leave it raw?

Well there are plenty of convenience stores around that sell like-for-like blocks of mediocre quality cheeses, with indefinite sell by dates and fantastic “Buy One Get One Free” offers that will taste, well, like cheese on a midweek plate of pasta, but ultimately deliver an unmemorable topping to an unmemorable meal.

I remember the first time I tried an incredible sheep’s cheese from Tipperary called Crozier, eating most of it in the car on the way home and vouching to buy double the quantity the next time as so to avoid the no-Crozier-left crisis that followed the car journey home.

And I remember the sting on my lips from Gabriel cheese, made by Bill and Sean in West Cork. I remember the conversation regarding the most oozing, perfectly ripe brie, as it almost poured as it was cut and how a certain someone (Hello Nuala!) would utterly enjoy such a cheese.

As a result I have become a wiser person – one better equipped to eat & talk (or write) about cheese, from dealing with Sean in Iago’s, over the past decade and a half.  I don’t know the name of a single person working in my local convenience store, and nor have I ever asked them for advice about their cheese offerings.

So you see, we go to experts, to savour, to experience, to enjoy and mostly to learn and benefit from them. We trust them that they know what they do is right, for them and for us. We go because when we ask they listen, and when they tell we learn.

And that’s why clients come to see and work with us. We have put long hours into developing and fine-tuning our crafts, and that our expert (we’ve been doing this stuff for a while!) opinions will enhance your brand, products and services in a professional fashion. Our opinions are worth listening to.

Trust us to guard what you have worked so hard to create and achieve.

What kind of cheese would you like?

Jonathan Leahy Maharaj is the Creative Director with Fuzion 

Fuzion offer a full range of graphic design services from our offices in Cork and Dublin

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