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Navigating the ever-changing media landscape can be a daunting task. Many opportunities are lost to increase brand awareness and exposure, simply due to a lack of confidence and experience in speaking to the media.

Our resident Media Trainer and Head of Communications, Stephanie Stafford, gives her top three tips when it comes to media interaction.

Stephanie Stafford

Media Literacy

As you are now front facing for the company, the way you consume your news is extremely important.

You need to learn to consume and analyse the information you are digesting from different sources and viewpoints. Reading a mix of publications such as The Irish Times, Irish Independent, Sunday Business Post,, Irish Sun and listening to Newstalk, 2FM, Sunshine radio, etc, is imperative to garner a 360 view of current topics. When an interview request comes in, listen back to the podcasts of that show to really get a sense of the interviewer’s style.

Everything is “On The Record” 

Even in a pre-recorded scenario, one must always assume that everything they say is on the record so take a few seconds to think about your response. We have a wonderful network of journalists and broadcasters in Ireland who work hard to deliver interesting news to the public, therefore it is important to keep in mind that comments you make in passing may not be cut out and could change the main focus of the interview.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the perfect media interview style. Before any media interaction, map out the three key points you want to deliver to your audience and rehearse possible scenarios with colleagues, family members, and perhaps a media trainer. I would always recommend walking around the room for phone interviews as it promotes active listening and builds confidence.

We offer media training in both our Dublin and Cork offices, off-site and online. This training is for anyone who needs to improve their media skills, maximise publicity and get their key message out there. 

At Fuzion we will hone your delivery style; show you how to deliver your core set of messages effectively, without going off course, or succumbing to aggressive interviewing. We will demonstrate how to connect with your audience, in a way that is professional, personable, and genuine, even in a pressurised environment.

We will help to develop a delivery style that is comfortable & confident by:

• Showing you how to take control and handle all interruptions

• Identifying your relevant target audiences’ needs 

• Building the script around your organisation’s agreed core messages 

• Anticipating all key questions, including the ones you want and those you definitely don’t want

 • Illustrating the powerful impact of story, example and making figures meaningful

 • Giving you the tools to deal with all interview techniques, no matter how aggressive – assertively and calmly 

Feel free to reach out to me at if you need any further information.

Stephanie Stafford is Head of Communications and part of the Media Training team at Fuzion

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